Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. That’s exactly what the San Jose Sharks decided to do once the NHL Lockout had ended. The Sharks quickly became untouchable with the help of Patrick Marleau scoring two points in four consecutive games, which hasn’t been done in almost 100 years. With players like Marleau, Niemi, and Thornton the men in teal are looking extremely strong this season. Could it be that they’re under pressure from the rest of the Bay Area teams? The Bay Area has teams like the Oakland Athletics who took sole possession of their division and became AL West Champions of 2012.While the San Francisco Giants collected the World Series Championship for the second time in three seasons. Then you have the San Francisco 49ers that just got back from the Super Bowl. What does this mean for the San Jose Sharks? Are they a strong enough team to make it to the playoffs? Then what? This girl can only hope and pray for a Stanley Cup.